Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Torrens Has Drained- Whoops.

The Torrens has Drained. This is crazy.

The Torrens is a 'River' that runs through Adelaide. It's more of a river shaped lake to be honest. It's a dammed up creek. The dam weir broke the other day, opening the gates with some sort of malfunction, and 2 metres of depth of the Torrens leaked out before they could close it manually.
So, we now have a river of mud and rubbish flowing through the city centre.

The Torrens is also a place that lots of people socialise along- barbeques, walks, musical events. And we've got the Fringe coming up in less than a month, where we'll have visitors from around the world.

A good point though- maybe now they'll be able to clean it out a bit.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Big Announcement

So, today my friend got online and showed me the link- He'd put it up on our chosen host! The host is, and we think we're going with it just for this website, and then for the others, going over to something else and creating websites that don't need url rewrite.

Anyway! So it's up! And I'm excited. We just got our first new member.

What is it?

Not Negative News

Are you fed up with the negativity of the media? So are we. So we created Not Negative News, a site that allows you to help us create a positive read for the morning. Share that great news story you read or heard. And it can be about any topic you want, as long as your news story is positive.
Read happy news and feel better about the world- it's nowhere near as bad as people say it is.
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