Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Torrens Has Drained- Whoops.

The Torrens has Drained. This is crazy.

The Torrens is a 'River' that runs through Adelaide. It's more of a river shaped lake to be honest. It's a dammed up creek. The dam weir broke the other day, opening the gates with some sort of malfunction, and 2 metres of depth of the Torrens leaked out before they could close it manually.
So, we now have a river of mud and rubbish flowing through the city centre.

The Torrens is also a place that lots of people socialise along- barbeques, walks, musical events. And we've got the Fringe coming up in less than a month, where we'll have visitors from around the world.

A good point though- maybe now they'll be able to clean it out a bit.

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  1. That's awful! Hopefully it'll fill up again quickly--maybe rain will follow the fires? We almost had a similar horror a couple of years back where a dam near us sprung leaks after several days of nonstop rain. The water was 20+ feet higher than normal and the authorities were freaking out. We were evacuated in the middle of the night, which was really tiresome, though we snuck back the next day. Everything was fine in the end, the dam held, the rain stopped, and the water went down to manageable levels. Then they drained it for the old fix-ups. Who knows if they did a good job though? It's all back to normal now, hopefully your lovely water hole will be back soon too,


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