Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Year Of The Flood

The Year of the Flood
by Margaret Atwood

Another great book I've read this year. Apparently I have good book choosing taste/luck because I've only given up on three books this year, all the others I've liked or loved!

This is a dystopian future novel (she does them so well!), where some people live in compounds run by companies, which seem pretty similar to nowadays, but with added genetically modified animals, but many people live outside them in slum areas, eating foods that have 'secret' meats in them (could be anything! human, dog, lion...) and in some really interesting conditions. There's also several religious/environmental groups who want the world to change. Adam One, the leader of one of these groups called The Gardeners, has long predicted the end of the world. Now it has happened. The story flashes between two women who remain on earth when everyone around them is gone. It also flashes back to their pasts before The Flood, which is what Adam called the coming apocalypse and cleansing.

I have to say I was incredibly sucked into this story right from the beginning.

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