Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I'm Up To

A research subject (I picked a topic, it's creativity in schools, and if teachers/the education system encourage or discourage creativity/creative thinking and how/why, and whatever other issues come out of the conversation).
A visual arts/performing arts subject. We're making puppets and masks and analysing things and making teaching resources and learning how to do mime and write jingles and all sorts. So much fun, but a lot of emotional and physical effort each week.
A maths/science subject, to teach us how to teach it. Lessons are really fun in that one too but also time consuming in terms of homework and readings.
A subject that is supposed to help us prepare for the future, but also to keep in contact with us about our placements.
And my placement. A very nice 6/7 class.
I won't be able to see my boyfriend for a week because of all the homework and even then I'm going to feel slightly guilty! I've got three assignments due next week. :(

This week I'm teaching my first class. And I'm going to teach something modern! Something relevant! The Internet!

... No, not really. I'm teaching letter writing and running daily fitness time. :p

My course has been making it increasingly difficult to blog.

Would it be unethical to blog, (under a different name, on another blog, using as few identifiers as I can about me, the kids (obviously), even the city I'm in or the area I live in at least) about my teaching experiences? I feel like I need an outlet.


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  2. Hiya,
    I don't think it's unethical at all! I don't have my full name on my blog for the same reason (had a bad experience with my last blog that WAS under my name). You need to have the freedom to talk, and if you leave out identifying traits (city, region, name, etc), maybe even setting up a unique email, you should be fine. Be aware that oddly used phrases can be googled easily, so avoid titling a post the same as one of your assignments (or your most obnoxious student's name!). Hope you work it out!

  3. Not sure about the ethics of the anonymous blogging. But if you just do it with no mention of the area or other specifics it might be okay.


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