Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hotness of Australian Guys

Are all the guys as hot as Keith Uban? hee, hee
By Ceejay60.

I had to google to see who Keith Urban is. :P Oh yeah, that guy! The one who for some reason looks like Tim Minchin without makeup and shorter hair! (I don't know why I make that connection)

Like all (most? Debate it!) places in the world, there are certainly quite a few hot guys around the place. :P However, most are 'average' looking. But in a good way.
It's weird, but I *have* noticed a slightly different facial structure/attitude/expression on Australian faces vs 'foreign' faces (like the British or Americans). I can often pick out Americans from a group without ever hearing their voice. I can also pick out people from Polish ancestry. Apparently our mixes of races mixed in a different way, and our expressions are somehow different too!
Australia is not a place of hot people, just like any other country, with the possible exception of Sweden. :P (Kidding...) It's an ordinary place.

Has anyone else been able to 'pick' Australians (or other nationalities that are supposed to be from similar stock, such as Americans) from a crowd without hearing them speak?

Have you been to Australia and found a disproportionate percentage of the opposite sex 'hot'?


  1. Hi! Thanks for anwering my question! The accent is what tears me up!!!

  2. Well, we do all have accents, so if that's what makes Australians hot... every single one of us is. :P

  3. LOL - now you mention it, I can see why you thought of Tim Minchen!
    I don't like Keith Urban. I never thought he was good looking. So definitely not my type.
    I lived in the USA for a while and became pretty good at picking out Europeans (mostly German and Swedish).
    And yes, beacuse of our accents, the Americans tend to think we are the hottest things around!

  4. Hello. Stumbled across your blog through gdaycliche community on Livejournal.
    I am an American who was engaged to an Aussie (and yes, I pronounce that correctly ;) for a year. I visited Oz twice, and I thought that the guys I met had slightly different facial features than the guys back home. One thing I noticed more often was that guys (and possibly people in general?) in Australia seem to have slightly wider set eyes than guys in the US. It also seemed like there were fewer really tall guys like we have in the US. However, maybe that's just because my ex-fiance was a shorter guy (or maybe I live in an extraordinarily tall guy area of the country). Heh.

    I can also sometimes tell a "foreigner" by how they act. I find that European guys tend to be less afraid of being stamped "gay" than American guys, so I'll see them wearing things American guys would NOT wear and participating in activities American guys would be afraid to do. That could just be my interpretation, though. *shrug*

    I will agree that one of the shallow things I miss most about my ex is his lovely accent. :)


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