Monday, September 28, 2009

Koalas and Kangaroos

Are the koalas friendly, and do you see them a lot? I think they are so adorable. Or are they only in certain areas? And how about the kangaroos, are they all over and how do they react to people?

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Koalas aren't friendly. They won't attack you randomly, but they're wild animals, and see those large claws for climbing trees with? They hurt. A lot. They usually just sit in their tree and eat and stare at you, and that's the end of it. You can't just go up and pat ones that are wild. There are lots of native animal parks however where they do provide experiences patting koalas! They just chill out on logs or on their keeper's hip and you pat them- only on the lower back/rump or they don't really like it.

However you do see them quite frequently, at least around here. My boyfriend went for a nice walk in the hills and he saw one, sitting quite close to the ground, eating nice eucalyptus leaves. They quite often show up in suburban backyards, if you're near the edge of suburbia near the hills. We've had them in our back yard two or three times. They are only in certain areas- places with plenty of food for them, that is, eucalyptus trees. (gum trees).

But then there's the drop bears. They're vicious and vindictive.

Kangaroos should live all over Australia, but since we've got so many houses, they don't often live in cities, they stick to the lesser populated areas. But go to any country town and you'll see them around the place - though not usually hopping down the street! My aunt has a mob of them that live on her property, and they're quite friendly because the previous owners tamed them. They'll come and knock on her door to get treats, and try to get inside. Most of 'hers' loves being patted, they're like dogs in that sense. However wild ones tend to hop away when they see humans. There's a large variety of different sorts of kangaroos. Around here we have the Eastern Greys.


  1. LOL, yeah, those drop bears are a nasty piece of work! ;-D

    I had a pet kangaroo as a child - we lived in the bush and her mother got shot accidentally and we got special permission from WIRES to keep her - we had to give her up when she was fully grown cos she could fit in the house anymore! My mum even bought her into my school once so I could use her for show and tell =D

  2. Wow! I'd love a kangaroo pal and koals are so that they only like petting on the back or rump! Never heard of drop bears, hmmmm...


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