Friday, October 23, 2009

Personal Life of Teachers

Do you ever let your personal life interfere with your teaching? Like if things are going bad at home, do you teach not as well at school?
- Samphor

I think that that is the case, yes. Personally, the worst thing happening in my life so far in my teaching career is simply being exhausted! I spent the first few days of teaching feeling very very tired, due to being very nervous and not sleeping properly. I think it affected my teaching by me not being as bubbly or as quick thinking as I can be. I still did the best I could and I believe I was very successful at 'faking it'.

If I were really upset in my life, I might have less patience for things that I usually am fine with, but I would try my best not to 'take it out on' any kids- it's not their fault. But personal life does affect things a little. I was talking with a teacher who was so upset about things going on with her life that she burst into tears when a teenager insulted her, it was the last straw.

Other teachers I have witnessed actually getting really angry on their bad days. Which is sad, and I really hope I never get like that.

The other day I was really disappointed in the class due to some extremely bad behaviour, so the next day I was certainly not as fun, though I was still polite. I got over it.

Teachers are human, and their emotions do affect them, just like a horrible horrible night at home would affect any other person in their career- they won't be up as much as usual.

Sometimes I think that if things were going great at home/in my other life, I would be really happy in class, so it works the other way too!

Teachers should try to remain professional, but sometimes, slip ups happen. And sometimes people have been so upset for so long they can't control it anymore- I saw that in quite a few teachers I had in High School and Primary School. It was very sad. Remember: It's most likely not about you, if they're constantly freaking out at everyone. Try to stay sane even when they're being stressful.

How would other teachers answer this question about their personal experiences with interactions between real life and teaching?


  1. I work a lot with children, but not as a teacher. Kids come to us for workshops on a day away from school, so we get them 'on the good days'... and sometimes I do notice that the teachers are completely exhausted and short-tempered, which is a pitty. But it is human. And nobody's perfect. Sometimes I'm just not that fun and flexible either. Especially if things are not fun and bubbly outside the job... which happens to everybody! (REALLY DOES!)

    And maybe it helps to remember from time to time how much the children give us. And that they are human too (and thus have bad days as well).

    Best wishes

  2. First of all,being a teacher is very stressful because you are the model for them and every behaviour of you imitated by students.I completely agree with you as teachers are human beings and their emotional side would always affect the teaching style..

    both teachers and students affect each other and so the students should help their teachers during teaching process..


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