Thursday, October 29, 2009


As you can see, the title of this blog is called "Who Will I Drink Tea With?"

... well it turns out, I won't be drinking tea with anyone for quite a while!
Possibly TMI but it seems I've developed a sensitive bladder from too many years of being able to go to the toilet whenever I wanted or going "Just in case" because my mother did, plus drinking caffeine. I like my pepsimax and I do enjoy my cups of tea. However, when I started going to school three weeks ago, I was also drinking more water than usual, and having to 'go' at the specified times, as well as drinking a cup of tea every morning before school, AND more water because it's getting hot now! My bladder couldn't take it! And it was very very annoying. Until about a week and a half ago when my bladder decided it had had enough and just sent me constant 'you have to go for a trip to the lavatorium now!' all. The. Time. I was freaking out, thinking I had a bladder infection. Which it turns out I did not.

... I just can't drink tea anymore. Or at least for a few months until I retrain my bladder not to freak out at waiting for half an hour.

So there's a little thing that you don't expect to affect you as a student teacher but sometimes will!

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  1. Words of warning I think I need to take to heart. Sounds like we are creatures of similar habits. Hope everything's back to normal soon!


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