Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hi, I'm a Gravy Addict

(not my gravy boat)

I am a major gravy addict. I love it. Absolutely love it. People tell me 'do you want some roast with that gravy?' I'm exactly like this kid. (except for the something sweet) I'll eat leftover (and refrigerated) gravy from the roast the day before, heated up, and then with toast to mop it up with. So. Good. I love gravy so much that I was given a 1920s gravy boat for my 18th birthday. I thought it was brilliant. I was given a little green one shaped like lettuce leaves for my 21st. Also brilliant. I have a beautiful silver one somewhere too. Usually it's just put in a jug, and it doesn't stay there long. But it's nice to know I could present it prettily if I wanted to!

My Dad is the Gravy Maker in this family. He is also the Roast Cooker.
So you'd think, that at Christmas, I'd be able to get lots and lots of delicious, wonderful, gravy. Most important meal of the year, involving roasts too.
... nope. :(
Because my Dad cooks the turkey on the webber.
How Australian is that? We *barbeque* the turkey.*

(not our webber or turkey. Imagine this, but with a whole turkey, not just legs)
So I have to make do with fake, powdered gravy that does not taste at all good on turkey.

Okay, I know that part of the 'issue' to do with this is space. We have fish on one tray of the oven, and vegetables on the other. So it's a great additional cooking space. Barbequed turkey still tastes good.
It means that Dad and my grandfather, and when my uncle is over from Scotland, and occasionally my brother, can enjoy standing around outside in the warm weather. At least, they seem to enjoy it.

But. No. Gravy. Happens. :(

This year I think I need to put a plan into action. Because after over 10 years of this no gravy travesty happening, I am fed up with it.
I asked online, and people recommended 'Gravy in a Jar'.

It certainly looks more appetising than the powdered gravy. But I don't know if it exists in Australia.

Many foods don't exist in Australia. (and in other countries, and visa versa).
I've been talking about camping lately, asking for advice on what to take. Not only can people not understand that we're not allowed campfires at this time of year, they also insist on me taking freeze dried foods (only available in very expensive camping shops) or things like 'tinned mashed potatoes'. ... ew. Does not exist. Or they talk about making 'dump puddings' (ignoring again that we have no campfires. :P) which require 'yellow cake mix'. I have no idea what that is! And it goes on.
So apparently the USA has vast 'fake' gravy options.

Please tell me someone if those gravies in a jar exist, because I'd totally give them a go!

... I'm thinking of trying something like getting Dad to make a bunch of roasts, and then I don't eat much gravy, and then we freeze it, and Christmas will be Saved for me!

Or I could go to takeaway shops and buy containers of gravy a few weeks previous to Christmas.

I'm taking charge this year of this gravy situation. No more!

You might see me on the streets this Christmas, trying to score gravy.

*well, slow barbeque. Over coals. For hours. Not quite the same as chucking it on the barbie.


  1. Not so much into the gravy, but can't wait for turkey day!

  2. What do you have on your turkey?

  3. I'm a gravy gal too! I love the southern white cream gravy you can find all over the south! Turkey without gravy is a travesty!

  4. Love the gravy boat, reminds me of Xmas :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, regards, T.


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