Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Decorations

Danish hearts by ViolinKeri
I want to make Christmas decorations. Now that I have dexterity in my fingers, unlike when I was in junior primary school and making popstick stars, I can actually make some decent things. Even simple things look nice.
I'd like to make some bead angels, make some polymer clay ornaments, and whatever else I can find. They'd be great to give as random presents to brighten people's day.


(our tree is just a tree, no animals. And our candle thing holds two tiny candles, one at each end, and has people in it, not a town scene).

I'd like to make some from different cultures to remind me of our travels. In our house we've got some little ornaments from Germany- some wooden deer, and a tree made with curled shavings, and a little candle arch thing. They had them all over Germany and we loved them. Several years later my mother's penfriend sent us a tiny one. Getting the wooden tree was an 'ordeal'. We were in a Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas market) and I pulled myself together, got brave, and asked in a pretty good attempt at German, how much the little tree was. The woman answered me in German, and I asked her a few more questions. Until she said "Oh, let's just speak in English. I'm American!"

It was my first night in Germany and my first attempt at German too.

I'd also like to make some Danish paper hearts, as pictured above. I didn't see any, because I didn't go to Denmark, but when I was student teaching my mentor had one pinned to her noticeboard near her desk. It seems like a great project for kids either at home or in class, and you could teach them about different cultures and traditions while you do it, or you could buy them to give as cards or to put in your windows, if you're not in a making mood like I am.

I think I'm going to make it a tradition that every year, I'll make some more ornaments.


  1. oooh i love the raven and the fox... so cute!

  2. Great ideas for unique and fun decorations!

  3. Home made ornaments are a great idea. That wooden shavings tree with the animals is so cute!


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