Saturday, May 16, 2009

20 Ways Ordinary People Can Change The World Via The Internet

20 Ways Ordinary People Can Change the World Through the Internet

I was thinking the other day that ordinary people can do so much to change the world without even getting off their computer. So I wrote a list of ways.

1. Create a website that you think needs to be made, or help on someone else’s website.

2. Use websites such as and raise money for charity while you play or view. Use and share the joy of seeing a book travel around the world. Search for other websites like that. Basically, have interesting and useful fun online.

3. Buy online from people who hand craft items if you can’t shop locally- support local/independent workers rather than corporations or factory machines. Etsy is good for this, but there are others. You’re paying for ethically made items, and for artisan made (often custom made!) items that take hours. You’re getting a bargain. Similarly, buy second hand online, or swap.

4. Link to great sites where you can. You’ll change the owner’s world, and if they really are great, you'll change the life of whoever now has a chance of seeing the link.

5. Comment on or talk about things that are important to you. There’s a lot of chatter on the internet, but the chatter could represent you and your opinions. One drop of water raises the sea. Don’t leave everything to other people and assume someone else will say it, if it really matters.

6. Protest.

7. If you like something you read on a website or a forum, tell them. Compliments can make people happy. There’s real people on the other end of the ‘series of tubes’ that make up the internet. People seem to only take the time to complain.

8. Make someone’s day.

9. Share your CPU cycles to cure diseases, study global warming or explore space. You’re not using your computer all the time, you might as well be part of a super computer system doing research.

10. Give advice. The internet is full of people needing help and advice or a shoulder to lean on temporarily. Or mentor someone.

11. Age does not matter on the internet- use that to your advantage.

12. Reach out to a friend or family member. So, it’s better to call or visit. But where that’s not possible, taking two minutes to send a message online is a very good alternative.

13. Write something profound- a blog entry, article, fanfiction, forum post, it doesn’t matter.

14. Interact with other cultures or thoughts or types of people. Both sides will learn something.

15. Add to the positivity in the world.

16. Find new friends, and then meet in real life with them if possible.

17. Use the internet to find ‘real life’ causes to help.

18. Study. You’ve got a wealth of information at your fingertips.

19. Research or learn better ways of living. If you change, the world changes slightly.

20. Think of other ways to add to this list, then do them.

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  1. I hope you like this, I wrote it myself. :) Feel free to pass the list on, but credit to this blog would be hugely appreciated!

  2. Internet has been so useful in my life, I can search for almost anything there and look for lots of solutions myself

  3. useful tips and thanks for sharing here!

  4. I'm a newbie in terms of blogging do you have any idea on how will i improve?

  5. Excellent post. Children should read this.

  6. Nice blog and usefull content.good work.

  7. Really great listing. And the website, every people who wants to help poor should go and visit it. It doesn't money, It only have advantage like improving your speaking, writing, thinking, grades, job performance... So why con't you go and visit it.


  8. internet is everything...
    and you got a brilliant idea of change the world via the internet...
    but frankly to say, internet is giving bad effects for people around the world more and more.
    such as pornography...

  9. Yups...I Agree for your opinion.
    Because the internet changed the method thought the person of the lifestyle et cetera. Seem like processed at this time did not have the limit between the country of one and that was other. All could be online through the internet, shoping ,meeting with the other person etc.. And since at this time you were my friend.

  10. really ?

    can we change the world ?

  11. I just wanted to add my favourite click to donate site: It lists dozens of click to donate sites. Most take a lot less time than freerice and I feel like I'm doing something useful while waiting for my facebook page to update!


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