Friday, May 15, 2009

Adelaide Zoo Orangutan

No one can deny that this Adelaide, South Australia, orangutan is smart. She managed to deliberately short circuit an electric fence with a stick, and was building a mound out of grass and sticks in the ditch in order to get to the second electric fence.

She has been previously known (I saw it) to get into electrified areas of her enclosure (they were being protected to let plants grow) by a complex plan of jumping from trees and down support wires.

This recent escape attempt resulted in the evacuation of the Zoo on Mother's Day.

Ah, I love the Adelaide Zoo!

"This animal has a history of trying to outsmart and be a little bit smarter, and she's an animal which has caused lots of keepers a lot of late hours," he said.


  1. Good luck with your mission! Adelaide's a beautiful place, I can see why you would want to get your friend here.


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