Saturday, May 9, 2009


It is slightly depressing. That's the extent of money that our advertising has earnt us so far, and it certainly wasn't from this blog. It was from Fluffy Bricks.
However we've still not worked out Project Wonderful ads for Not Negative News.
How pathetic do I feel now?
It's sort of why I've not been posting on the blog very often. Just looking at it was depressing, and posting seemed futile.
However I've reactivated the ads on this blog and hopefully I'll be able to muster up some new posts and views, so we can keep plodding along. At this rate it'll take a million years, however I guess we're adding new websites at a consistent rate, and every little bit will help. And one or two might 'make it big'.

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  1. We were considering putting in advertising, but you've somewhat confirmed our thought--Blogger is the one that makes all the money. Your new venture sounds very promising, will pop in again. We don't really have "topics" we could submit, but thanks for visiting us!


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