Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yorke Peninsula

Why no posts for over a week?

I was on the Yorke Peninsula!

Where is that?

South Australia. It's also "The only leg Australia has to stand on". Note its shape!

I travelled with my boyfriend, and it was the longest trip he'd been away from home for, and my first camping trip since I was a child. It was the first trip I've ever organised 'myself', rather than it being a case of 'hey everyone, lets go to my grandmother's shack!' or, being taken along by my parents. We also managed to make it the entire way around the leg, which feels like a huge achievement, something we can really be proud of. We only missed a few shack towns on the Western side of Innes, because we didn't realise there's only one entrance and exit to Innes- on the Eastern side. I might need to make a map showing where exactly we went!

We spent two nights in Port Vincent, two nights in Innes National Park, and four nights in the Copper Triangle (staying in Wallaroo).

We faced extreme wind, some rain, ticks, huge black snakes, flies, lack of cooking facilities, no phone connections, and my greatest nemesis- long drop toilets. Of course (other than the wind and the flies) that was mainly in Innes National Park- the towns were fine so don't let me scare you off! We travelled many hundreds of kilometres. That peninsula doesn't look like much in the picture, does it!

We survived! And I return with only a sprained ankle and a sandfly bite under my eye- the only place I didn't put repellant. The sprained ankle was where I tripped over the tent.

More to come about this soon. Ask questions?

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  1. Australia is THE ONE country I have always wanted to visit,and I don't mean I want to visit any cities (except maybe Monkey Mia)...but I want to go out back and test the extremes



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