Friday, January 16, 2009

Stuff I Have To Do

I am totally run off my feet right now.

Here are things that I have to do. And you could help me if you wanted!

I have to test how our website looks in ie6. If anyone could tell me, I'd LOVE that, because I don't have IE6, and according to my friend, no one should. :P But they do, and they complain when websites are completely wonky, how dare they!

I have to write a description for in the metatags, that'll show up when it's looked up in a search engine.

I have to edit the FAQ, to shorten it and clarify things, and fix links

I have to help write the terms of use.

I want to think of a promotional thing for our website launch

I need to organise the banner, and also the icons a little more.

The big one- finding a webhost. We are dying of stress from that one. We need... (copied and pasted from my word document I have... since I don't know this stuff instinctively)

We need:

Microsoft Windows based hosting, 3.5, IIS7 a Microsoft SQL server database, version 2005 or 2008, ability to use Microsoft URL rewrite Module for IIS7, and multiple application hosting. For as cheap as possible.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

And that's just the 'our News Website' related things! I also need to add content to my miniatures blog's website (for finding miniaturist penfriends), so that I'm able to put ads on it.

I need to finalise a prize for a forum I run, which is having a competition (and daily, add up the scores)

I have about three people I'm supposed to be phoning about various things.

I have to work out selling my friend's desk

I have a very very messy bedroom right now because I'm cleaning it and I pulled everything out to do so.

I have to go to Ikea to get a new book case

I'm going out tonight.

I have to print out photos for my mother.

I have to create a list of people for another project I'm doing.

I have to burn a dvd- note to self, learn how to burn dvds

I'd like to make youtube promotional videos for at least three websites

I have to organise tickets for the Fringe Festival (totally awesome thing that Adelaide and a few other cities do)

I was intending to start a Zine

And I have to back up a community.

... I don't know how to handle all this stuff. Meep.

Oh and somewhere, I have to eat and sleep and do stuff for Mum.

I love how my Mum thinks I'm not doing anything.

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