Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Catch Up

I know that people don't like scrolling down too far in blogs, so I thought that I'd summarise what is happening.
My best friend was in Australia for two years (I knew him for a year and a half). He had to leave because his visa expired. However he's built a life up here, he has friends, and he loves Adelaide, South Australia (though apparently that surprises some of you!). He loved it so much he stayed here for a year on a tourist visa, of course without a job, making himself broke.
Now, the only ways to come back is 1) to find him a job here that would be willing to sponsor him for a business visa. 2) A student visa- which costs a lot of money.
Which is where this blog comes in. This blog will hopefully get us a little bit of money, but it will also chronicle our attempts to get enough money for a student visa. The blog will also talk about Adelaide, friendship, Australia, the difficulties of immigration, etc.

Where we stand now: He left Australia on the 16th of December, and we're having a slight break for Christmas, before launching ourselves into making websites. And I'm trying to adjust myself to being by myself.

And someone serving me tea has only made me sad a few times.

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