Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Project Wonderful

I'm filled with a sense of... something beginning. The first lot of project wonderful ads are up! And they're on this blog. I know this blog isn't Traffic Central, but it's a start. When my friend said that we *really* were going to have to do the websites, I did what he advised me to do many times before, and just jumped right in. We had many conversations about how so many people who want to be business people spend months fussing about business cards etc, rather than just *starting the business* and worrying about that sort of thing later- it really does put you off actually starting. Think about the projects you've put off before.

So, one of our newly discovered principles is to just jump in, and also, once we've decided on something in our individual lives, to take steps, from that day on, to aim towards that goal. Most people just wish for things, without doing it. I really do advise that you try this yourself, no matter what your goal is. You want more friends? Start asking about clubs or activities, or just talk to random people at parties. Want a better job? Start working on your resume, or start building up your experience. Want to help the world? Pick one thing you could do, and start doing it.

So, a few weeks back, I was like 'you're right. Websites. Gotcha' and started this blog the next day. My aim was to get to a point where I could feasibly start making money, within a month. And I got to that goal.

Now to wait for the ads to come, and to keep the content to a level that might be readable!

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