Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sponsored Posts

I'd like to offer sponsored posts on this blog. They would help fund my friend and my first website's hosting! That website will be coming out in a few weeks- I won't tell you exactly what it is yet, but it's for positive minded intelligent people with an optimistic view on the world. It's a community project, and hopefully something that people will enjoy reading and commenting and posting on.

The sponsored posts will work like this: You donate however much money you would like to give. It can be as big or small amount as you'd like. Then you email me at with your post text and any images. It can be an ad, a public message to us, information about immigration or Australia, a 'what's going on in my life' sort of post... anything you want as long as it's not obscene or illegal.

I'll then post it up here for all to see!

Cheap advertising, that also helps two young people get a start on their dreams!

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