Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 Blogging Tips

If you want people to comment more on your blog...

1. Put the comment form at the end of your posts. Never have it where it pops up, or where to verify it pops up and reloads the page.

2. Allow anonymous comments. People stumble upon blogs often, yet are not members of blogger. Make it easy for them to comment!

3. Allow people to post using a name and url. People like to promote themselves, and again, may not have a blogger, or don't want to log in right now.

4. Get rid of the verification captcha, if you're not one of those hugely popular blogs anyway who get thousands of comments a day. Then make it so that comments on entries over a week old are moderated- those are the ones more likely to be hit by spammers. Verifications take time, and many people just can't be bothered.

5. Post about things that people care about or could have an opinion on.

6. Comment on other people's blogs.

7. Get genuine followers. Don't participate in 'follow for follow' deals- you want people who are actually interested in you.


  1. I totally agree on #7--you've got to be genuine to build a following--thanks for the reminder.

  2. ditto to number 7!!! kinda annoying when you get those follow me and i'll follow you emails.

  3. another #7 is spot on over here! I used to be a member of a certain group that promoted this kind of thing.
    Faux followers I call them. pfffft who needs it says I?


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