Friday, December 11, 2009

Nine Men's Morris

I thought I'd recommend a game to you today.

Let me introduce "Nine Men's Morris", a game of strategy and thinking skills.
It is an extremely ancient game- the Vikings enjoyed playing it, sometimes for money.

Nine Mens' Morris is a game for two players. Each player has 9 pieces. They each take turns putting a piece on the board- if they get three in a row, that is a 'mill' and they are allowed to take one of the other player's pieces from play. Once all nine pieces are on the board, they are allowed to move pieces to get more mills. A piece in a mill is untouchable from being removed by the other player- but sometimes you have to move one out!

My boyfriend and I played this while in our tent in the wild wild wind, it was the first time he'd been introduced to it. Playing against him is much harder than playing against the computer, which is how I learnt it back in the 90s.

I bought my board in a museum in England, and my pieces are two different colours of marbles.

A fantastic travel game, or for fans of board games, or for kids who want an extension on noughts and crosses.

Anyone else here a fan?

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