Monday, December 7, 2009

Gifts For Teachers Part 4

Fourth part in my series of what to get for teachers. Teachers get some horrible presents. I am trying to help you make good decisions! Since this is the last week of school for Australian students, I think this will be the last post I'll make on this for this year. I have a lot more to add for next year! I hope you enjoyed the series.

25. Thank You Cards
Invita Paper Studio

Buy your teacher some thank you cards, or if you're particularly crafty, make it yourself! Many teachers like to give thank you cards if they're able to. (In Australia it is harder because of the fact that kids move on to a different classroom after the gift giving occurs in most cases). Attractive cards that are blank inside would also be useful- they could give them out for whatever they want then!

26. Something for the whole class, or the staffroom or library.

Apparently some parents do this, and I think it's a nice idea. Buy some new books for the library or the classroom bookshelf. Buy an 'apple slinky' to encourage the kids to eat fruit. Buy a new binding machine or laminator or a microwave. Buy sports equipment or a dvd. As I mentioned previously, a new beanbag or cushion. Buy science equipment. The ideas could be endless! What are your ideas?

27. Donations to Charity

This is good, but only if you actually do it. If you just tell the teacher 'instead of giving you a present, I might donate to charity this year!', it'll sound like you won't actually do either. Actually go and make the donation, then give them a card saying that you gave a donation to [charity] in their name. This works especially well for charities that give back a little thank you card. Perhaps you could buy some chickens via World Vision for a village overseas- particularly if you've been learning about that country! Or to Book Aid which provides books in native languages all over the world. 2 British pounds sends a book overseas.

28. A letter or email years later telling the teacher about what you're up to.

Gifts don't have to be given now! Email them or send them a letter a few years later explaining how they helped you, or just saying what you've been up to.

29. A teacher's resource book.

A book of plays for example, or craft activities, cooking for kids, history books, maths quizzes/games, family quiz/trivia books, crossword books, there are all sorts out there and often easily accessible in Newsagencies and book shops.

I even made an Amazon widget for you. :)
30. Origami
PLB Crafter

A book of origami folding procedures and some origami paper. The guy who I originally started this blog about gave me a fantastic one involving maths. Or you could make a piece of origami for him or her.

31. Group Gifts
You might want to pool your money with other students or parents and get something fantastic and 'bigger'!

32: A dvd
A dvd either for them or for the classroom. If for the classroom make sure it is of an appropriate rating. In Australian schools, primary schools can't show PG rated movies without a permission slip. Some historical fiction/drama/comedy series are about that are fantastic, documentaries, educational shows, or just fun ones to watch on a hot or rainy day. Or perhaps you want to recommend one of your favourite movies or shows to the teacher?
I'd be happy to talk about my favourites that could be useful in class!

33. Joke or riddle books

Teachers like funny things. And many teachers like to start the day with a joke or riddle for the class!

34. Things about a pet peeve of theirs
Is your teacher a stickler for grammar for example? Make a light joke or acknowledgement of this fact!

35. Board or card games

Teachers tend to love these! They can be played by the students, or at home with their friends or family. There are some fantastically creative games out there right now.


  1. These are all good ideas, though some are quite large (expensive)--like the funny buttons. Now that we're in middle school Kate seems to have about a dozen teachers (all her "favorites"!).

  2. Oh you could make your own funny buttons or find some that are cheaper. I just liked what that one said, and credited who it belonged to! I'm not saying 'buy from this person!' (unless you want to).

    If you look at the rest of that lady's buttons, some are only $1, which is pretty reasonable.

    It's great Kate has lots of favourite teachers- it could have gone the other way. :)

  3. I wish I could copy that and post it in my classroom! I especially love the letters, dvds, and resource books!


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