Saturday, December 12, 2009

Student Teaching

I have my placement for next year! I have a school that is just down the road (25 minutes walk, I timed it last night), and is very good. It's got a lot less socio economic problems than the school I was at last, the teachers from all accounts are nice and friendly. However, I have a year 2/3 class. Year 2s? They're junior primary and aren't included in my degree. This will make it difficult for me, as I've not been trained properly for teaching literacy and numeracy to younger children. I'm sure that I can do it well especially with the support of the mentor teacher, but it is still a bit odd to be so placed. I rang the principal and she was very understanding after I explained what the problem was (and explained that year 2s are like year 1s at the start of the year). At least I have many resources and I have had experience with junior primary before.


  1. i'm sure it will be difficult in the beginning, but you'll catch on with the teaching system in no time!! also, as you've said you have previous experience, so i'm sure you'll be fine^^

  2. I found teaching the content the easy bit - whatever you don't know, you'll catch on quick. But the hardest part for me is always class discipline (but then I'm a high school teacher, and getting the class to give me enough 'space' to actually teach...not sure how that will be with much younger kids. I found teaching is very much 'on-the-job training'; and I'm sure you'll be fine.

  3. and btw, I found your comments about blogging (below) very useful!

  4. You'll do fine! I have a lot of respect for teachers - that is something I just could never do, would be in the "loony bin" before the first year was finished! Think I'll stick with driving the school bus :)
    Have a Very Merry Christmas!


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