Friday, December 11, 2009

Cultural Shock Of The Day

A group of college students are made to go to court, fined $25 and made to do 8 hours community service, for playing on the swings after dark.

People respond with "But the parks close after dark, so you deserve it"

What? Parks close in the USA? (At first I just thought it was only in New York, but the comments imply that it happens everywhere, and I just read a comment that says the parks are closed in England too after dusk...).

This is totally bizarre to me. Around here it's quite common for friends to go walking together after dark when NOT drunk (or even just a little drunk, and who really cares?), for teenagers to go and actually play on equipment but not do anything wrong after dark, for people to go out and exercise from 8-11 pm, in the dark. I've never heard of a park being 'closed'! If it doesn't have a fence around it, it's fair game. But you wouldn't want to make a lot of noise if there are houses nearby, but you'd just be moved on.


  1. People do seem to be afraid of what will happen after dark, esp. where teenagers are involved, I have always thought it a little stupid that communities do not provide spaces for them to hangout :(

  2. Not sure why people (kids especially) would want to hang out in a park that is closed with not other people unless it's to do something illegal or destructive. Go to a bowling alley, play Nintendo Wii, go study or something.


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