Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simple Cadbury Experiment

An experiment that will even get your older kids excited. It can be connected to science, or to Society and Environment, or even Design and Technology.

Materials: Get two different sorts of milk tray chocolate boxes. One has to be Cadbury (make sure you test this out first).

Come into class with the chocolate boxes and announce that we're going to have an experiment, but first... we must eat the chocolate!

Then, give each group of students two containers of warm/almost hot water, and two pieces of the plastic trays- one from each box.

Have them put the piece in the warm water and record the results.

If you have the correct Cadbury one- the Cadbury tray will dissolve and 'melt'! Have them feel the texture. The other will not.

You could then test a few pieces of the cadbury one and different temperatures of water!

Cadbury has made their milk trays biodegradable. You can then discuss with the children why Cadbury might have chosen to do that, and what it would mean for rubbish dumps. What else is biodegradable?


  1. that is really cool!!! I don't have kids but I might try it anyway! :) plus... you can't go wrong with chocolate, haha!

  2. I tried it myself too, it was really fun!


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