Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lobethal Lights and the Beach

This post contains random parts of my life, a date idea, and tourism in Adelaide ideas. Plus probably other stuff.

Yesterday was a hot day, almost 40 degrees, and my boyfriend and I decided to go to the beach- one of the many things on our Making The Holidays Great list we've made. We went to Semaphore Beach, which I highly recommend if you want a very safe swimming beach in the Adelaide area. We went with my pool noodles, were laughed at by a drunk/weird man who thought I was a boy (seems you're a boy if you're not in a bikini!) who said we looked as ridiculous as his three legged dog, and threw a ball for his dog. Drunk/weird but at least funny. The water was beautifully warm, and so we sat in probably waist deep water enjoying it for hours. We got out, and then went to get some chips with chicken salt and tartare sauce... mmm. Met some seagulls, felt sorry for another 'gimpy' one that was missing a foot, and fed that one 6 chips. The other seagulls were so angry with that seagull by the time we left- they actually came up and pecked it in the back of the head a couple of times! Whoops.

As we sat on our towel at the edge of the dunes, big black clouds were rolling in on the horizon. Instead of making a run for it, we decided we'd stay and watch, as huge bolts of lightening were shooting across the sky in the distance, and it was still warm. We stayed until it started to rain, but it didn't bother us as we were still in our bathers. I think we got the better deal than the people who ran home!

We then decided a bit randomly, that we'd drive up to see the Lobethal Lights. Lobethal is a town in the Adelaide Hills that has a huge reputation for its Christmas Lights on most of the houses. They get many thousands of tourists yearly. We're going to see their Pageant on Tuesday, but that gets so crowded we thought we'd get an early look in.

So, we made the 30 or so minute drive up through the twisting Hills roads through a short cut that my boyfriend knew of because he used to live there. We originally intended to just drive around, but we changed our mind and walked around, still embarrassingly dressed in bathers (though I'd put on a sarong and a tshirt) and with our hair looking like we never wash it. We explored many of the places that he used to hang out in as a child, even though it was dark. This whole thing was a lot more spontaneous than I usually do, and I greatly enjoyed it. We explored one of the Christmas markets they have, saw many lights, laughed at bogans, ate a boysenberry icecream, drooled over the pancakes that we couldn't afford as we'd only brought enough money for chips, and were rained on in a humid, huge drops, sort of way.

Then came home and played Sims3.

All in all a fantastic afternoon/evening/night out! :D


  1. Glad it was fun... looks like fun from the photos :) I like 15 minutes from the beach & never go - your beach photo makes me want to go now :)

  2. I forgot it is summer in Australia right now. Lucky you! Reading this post just made me all dreamy about getting away somewhere hot! I want to jump into that last picture ;)

  3. Sounsd like a great day!
    The parents are on their way to Adelaide from Melbourne at the moment so I've just texted them and told them to go see the lights, thanks for sharing :-)

  4. I love those lights. It's been too long since I last went to the beach. You are very lucky. Lx


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