Monday, December 7, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

(photo is mine, taken at the Innes National Park in South Australia)
I saw Where The Wild Things Are on Sunday.
This is one of my mother's favourite books to read to her class.
I always liked it too.
So when I saw that they'd made a movie from a 25 page (each with a sentence or less) Children's book, I was very confused about how they could make it into a movie!

But I'd give it 5/5. Max was a very realistic little boy, the story was lovely and obviously lovingly created, they 'stuck to the book' as much as possible- including amazingly created Jim Henson puppets showing The Wild Things. The scenery is beautiful, and is obviously filmed in Australia (Apparently in Victoria), and I loved that they filmed it like it was filmed with a camcorder, most of the time. That was very surprising.
Apparently the writer of the book had worked with the producers and script writer, and approved it heartily.

I don't believe it is suitable watching for the under 10s however. There are some scary and heavy themes and feelings involved. As an adult I can watch it and know that the characters are upset over really trivial things but somehow it is shown so that you feel all of the character's childish yet real pain. Children may not be able to cope with that. And some things are indeed very scary- one thing (spoiler alert!) is the teacher freaking Max out by telling the class that the sun was going to go out... and neglecting to say when that's expected to happen. That whole issue isn't resolved in the movie, he goes on believing it and convinces the Wild Things of it (though they decide not to worry about it). I was very scared by that concept as a child myself. Great example of careless teachers though, or a reminder of how kids take what we say!

I'm also very curious how they got the names for the Wild Things! Where do they come from?

I recommend it to everyone over the age of 10 years. Don't be put off thinking it's for 'Children'. It is much more than that. It will either take you back to your childhood, or make you want to hug little Max!


  1. Seems odd to make a movie not suitable for under 10s from a kiddie book, doesn't it?

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  3. beautiful photo!! I'm dying to see that movie, thanks for the review! :) I remember being TERRIFIED of some children's stories when I was little - one was Tikki Tikki Tembo - that gave me the chills! (the kid who falls in the well)

  4. im 14 and i watched it at the theatres with my school, and most of my friends loved it. i thought the soundtrack was amazing, especially the songs "hideaway" and "worried shoes". they're great to listen to. what i liked best, i think, are the really beaufiful things in this movie, of which there are many, e.g. the tower they built, the night sky on the boat and the vampire story he tells at the beginning.

  5. Prodigal: Sort of, but it's really fantastic anyway.

    Ara: Thanks, glad you like the photo! The photos don't do the actual scenery justice.
    Lots of kids books are scary.

    Anonymous: Thanks for your comment! Yeah the songs were great, they really fit in well. I think it was filmed beautifully, and that fort was brilliant!

  6. Was that a review? I'm guessing you're about 15 years old? Keep practicing kid.

  7. Tourist: The book was written to be almost dark and unsettling. The author has spoken about this. And the movie was directed the same way - not so much a children's movie, but a movie about childhood.


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