Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blythe Dolls -Guest Blog

Liz Logan from Paperbella on Etsy makes some great papercut crafts! She's also the guest blogger for today, talking about something that I like- dolls! (though I'm more into the 1:12 scale variety).

Here she is!:

Am I the only one who hasn’t ever heard of Blythe dolls?


I was born in the 80’s so as you can imagine, there was no shortage of the coolest toys; Cabbage Patch Kids, My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, and the list goes on and on. I was such a girly girl too; I loved dolls. My childhood consisted of the ones that you can actually feed them a bottle and then they wet themselves. You know what I’m talking about right?

I’ve had to grow up of course, and put away all those pretty and shiny toys, C’est le vie. So, fast forward 20 + years later; where I stumbled onto a listing on Etsy; of a Blythe doll. It instantly caught my attention. She was so pretty with big doe eyes, angelic face, and shiny hair in a cute bob. I looked at more listings, and this Blythe doll can pull off any look! Seriously! Short bob hair, long hair, pink hair, curly hair and so on. I then saw that this doll has excellent sense of fashion; she has some cool accessories.


I decided to learn more about the Blythe doll and I nearly passed out when I saw that she has been around since the 1970’s! Have I been living on some other planet all these years? How could I have never heard of these dolls before? I know I would have coveted one of these beauties so bad!

I invite you to check her out too, take a look at their official website

Throughout this post, I’ve picked some of my favorite shops who sell accessories for these dolls on Etsy, here are some more; click on each one to learn more:



Thanks Liz! And remember, anyone may contact me with an offer to guest blog. :)


  1. Thank you for letting me guest post on your blog, it was a lot of fun!


  2. those dolls have better hairdo's than i do :)

    when i was little we could not afford the american girl dolls so my granny bought me a china doll and made a lot of the clothes for me by looking at the pictures in the american girl catalogue—all of the great accessories in your post remind me of my own dolls, so cute and fun even for grown-ups ;)

  3. What appeals to you most about these dolls?
    Would you get some now, as an adult? (since it's an adult hobby).

  4. @Chiara I know your comment wasn't directed towards me, but what I love most about these dolls are their versatility - these dolls can pull of anything! Their little babyfaces are very cute, too, and I love the way they tie in with craft and the 'handmade' world. :) I have two myself and would love to get more!

  5. You know what, I would like them even now! I used to make little outfits for my dolls growing up and creating living spaces for them, I know in the future, when I have a daughter, I would like to experience it with her, and I get inspired by when I see these dolls and all the creativity they inspire for their owners.

  6. I think if I get any little dolls that aren't 1:12 scale I wouldn't mind one of those tiny Japanese ball jointed dolls...


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