Monday, November 24, 2008

15 Things You Can't Miss in Australia - though we have

My friend never left Adelaide. I've been around Australia a bit. I thought that this could be interesting for some of you though - There's a lot to see in Australia.

I got the list of 15 Things You Can't Miss in Australia from This Link.

1. Daintree Rainforest (Queensland)
I've been there. It really was spectacular. Unfortunately I was also about 5 years old, so it's all mixed up in my head. I *think* it was the one that we were in a caravan park in, and Mum woke us up at dawn and we went down to the beach where there were hundreds of blue butterflies.
However, I may be wrong about where those butterflies were. It gets very confusing remembering stuff from when you're 5. But if you can somehow see the butterflies- do so. And the rainforest. Part of the 'problem' (or joy!) of Australia is that it's huge, so there's so much to see and do, and if you did lots of it when you were little, sometimes you just can't go back again for a very long time.

2. Helicopter Ride over Great Ocean Road.

Sounds like fun! ... ... if you can afford a Helicopter ride. :(
I've driven along the Great Ocean Road however. If you didn't know, it's how you get between Adelaide and Melbourne. The slower, but prettier way. I don't know why this guide is saying that a helicopter ride is the can't miss part though. I'd say it's a "Would be great to do, if you could afford it". There are some fantastic rock formations and scenery.

3. Charter a yacht from Cairns.

... Okay, has this been written for millionaires? Because "Can't miss" implies that you should try to do all of them.

If you're in Cairnes however, I do suggest you go on a boat trip of some sort.

4. Burn a Hole in Your Pocket, Crown Casino, Melbourne.

I've been there a few times- I never gambled, I'm not a gambling type except when it comes to life choices. What I *would* do however, is go and have a meal at their all you can eat buffet. Get a seat at the window if you can, or, on the hour, get out of your seat and go to the window. And on the hour, every hour, is a fantastic display of fireballs coming from the big pillars in front of the casino. Also I think there are some free shows in the foyer. Just wandering around in there is fun!

5. Swim at Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island

When I was there last, they weren't letting people swim. Apparently the sunscreen that people have been wearing into the water has damaged things, so they were giving the lake a few years to rest from the busloads of tourists. However! DO go. If you can, get one of the four wheel drive bus tours. They're a lot of fun. Driving over endless stretches of beaches- the driver called it a Highway, and it really feels like that. The dingoes! The absolutely pristine creeks! I didn't swim, but I sure paddled. You could drink that water it was that clean. There's also a lake there that we went to that is slightly acidic, and 'they' say that if you swim in it, you become more beautiful. Your hands sure become smoother! Also the tour had really nice food, some lovely walks, and some great wildlife. If you're going without a tour, DO make sure you have a four wheel drive. And phones don't work over there, so be careful. On the boat on the way over, we saw lots of dolphins as well. It was a great day out.

I'll be back with my comments on the other 10 later!

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