Friday, November 28, 2008


I just signed up for , so that I could get some stats for this blog. Wonder how long it takes to update! It's still showing no views, and considering I got two comments in the past few hours, I think that's false.
I have absolutely no idea how many people are reading this blog. I hope some people are, and that they're enjoying it in some way shape or form.


  1. don't worry... people will read it... i'm doing it now :) and thanks for the site tips :) creative people are a real bunch of show offs aren't they LOL!!!! well at some point you'll like ppl to see the stuff you do... mother theresa once said something like... (not the exact words but...) 'there are more people in this world who crave for acceptance and love , than there are people who crave for richness :))" something along those lines :) have a good day and don't be too stress about your friend... everything will find it's own way...whether now or later... nothing happens by chance...

  2. I'm reading now. Please take a look at mine when you have time:


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