Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last Five

11. Watch the Sunset Over Uluru

Another one I haven't done. I doubt I'll be going up there anytime soon either. Maybe one day. It's not really my ideal holiday destination, but I've heard it's quite pretty in the Stark sort of way.

Trek and Tour the Kimberley

Never been in that state even. But have a look at some of the pictures- it looks pretty! ... I'm not a 'trek' sort of person though. Eh.

13. Pet The Wild Crocodiles in Kakadu

... you what now?

14. Swim with Dolphins and Monkey Mia

That would be nice!
Did you know that in Adelaide, in the Port River, there are dolphins? They live there all year round. My friend and I tried to go and see them ages back but we didn't have a very good day in Dolphin terms.


Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

It's pretty spectacular. We did lots of walking. :D

So, where would you say are your top places to go to in Australia?

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  1. i saw the sunset at uluru. definitely cool and different from anything i've ever seen before, but it was also over quick and a lot of traveling to get there and back


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