Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ovens and Making Money From

When my friend moved into his unit, it was filthy. Oh the filth... the filth! We spent a few whole days cleaning it. Mould all over the shower, unexplained black marks around the toilet (BLEACH GET ME BLEACH), and felt faint from all the cleaning products we used.
We gave up on the oven- he doesn't use it, he only uses the stovetop. I was sitting on the floor trying to clean the inside of the oven door (why yes, it was a bad angle!) for about an hour, and it's still not clean. :( We didn't even attempt the inside of it.

So, someone the other day gave a suggestion! We call up an oven cleaning product company, get them to come over and take photos of the oven, and then we try to clean it using their product. If it doesn't work, we might be able to get free stuff. If it does work, maybe they could pay for the photos "See, our products clean even the most disgusting of ovens!"

... do you think it would work? If there weren't only two weeks to go, I'd totally be doing this.

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