Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well so far my ebay idea hasn't been going that well. Not that that means I'm giving up, it just means I have to go about it a different way. There's two days left on the new Jeeves and Wooster listing. Does anyone know how to promote it more? Or maybe what I should make next time that might 'work' better?

Also, can I draw your attention again to the donate button. :) Usually I won't be just asking for random money without me giving you something in return, but in this case it might be a "Wow, you're entertaining me with your crazy money raising idea!" or "Hmn, I have two dollars sitting around in my paypal account..."

Does anyone have Stumbleupon? I'd love it if you'd thumbs up me. :)


  1. Oh dear, the fun of eBay!!

    I was lucky enough to sell tea on ebay .... hard though, ya know!!!

  2. LOLOL on the eBay, and I have hear better things from the other site!

    And I have two whole brain cells that need to get sparked every morning .... Thank you for making me laugh!


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