Sunday, November 23, 2008

Part Time Job

I'm a penniless student. I didn't get a job all through highschool or uni, because my mother encouraged me to study instead. I get stressed easily. The deal was that when I took a break from uni this year, before going back next year, I would get a part time job. It didn't happen. I applied for a few. I had a few ideas. Temping for example.
I know I'm spoilt. But after 18 years in school, I really needed a break. I needed to think about what I wanted to do. I needed to have a *life*. I had some great friends in highschool. I had good times. I also had some horrible friends and some really crappy things that messed me up. My good friends from highschool stuck by me in Uni. I didn't make more friends in uni. I made acquaintances, usually a few weeks before the end of semester. Some of them were really nice, but real friendships just didn't seem to happen. This year and a half, I actually got a 'real life'. A real social life. Not boozing and guys, which is what lots of people consider to be a 'life', but a life where I was actually making more friends. While being geeky. And I started sorting myself out. It's all down to meeting this friend of mine. If I hadn't met him at the time I did, I have no doubt that I would have just been sitting home alone dying of boredom, and I'd have gotten the part time job.
I'd have gone to work, come home, sat around, and every few weeks, seen my friends.
Instead, I got Dreams. I'm working my way out of the rut, and I don't ever want to go back again. He helps me out of it. That's what I do for my friend too- help him out of his rut. Somehow we just 'work' like that.

I just got upset- my Dad said that he was going out. "Oh! I needed some money for dancing lessons!" I said. (Dancing was one of the things that my friend and I started up together). Dad got angry at me for not telling him sooner, as he had no money on him, and told me that I should have asked him before. "I did, on Friday". Little argument ensued, ending with him saying that he'll see what he can do.
This dancing is important to me- it's a big part of my social life, and there's a limited amount of time that I can spend dancing now, with my friend, and it won't be the same with out him. The other people are nice, but I've always been a bit shy and there's no way I want to miss out on this dancing lesson because I couldn't find $12. He came back from the bank with a $20 note.
Left it on the table and walked out saying "I think it's time you found a job".

Yeah Dad. I know.

But I think finding a life was a little more important.


  1. All I want to say is goodluck, I hope you guy's get all the help you can and If I wasn't in a case of my own with money I would defiantly help you out!

    Alas, I cannot but my hopes are with you to achieve your goal!

  2. Thanks so much, anonymous. :) It's nice to know that people support me/us in this.
    I'm not meaning to pressure you, but it's not like I'm asking for thousands of dollars from one individual person. No way would I even hope for that. A few dollars here and there would work.
    And, later on I'm hoping to have ways that people can help me out with no money needed from them. Not quite sure how yet, but trying to think of some things!


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