Saturday, November 29, 2008

So Many Things I'll Miss

There's such a huge list of things that I really wanted to do with my friend, and now won't have time for.
Until we get him to come back of course.
I was just thinking about dancing, and a song came up in my head, I think it's called Chasing Cars? "If you lie here, would you lie with me" etc...
It is played when we do certain styles of dance.
... and it's a sad song anyway. I now also connect it with dancing. And, though it's a happy memory, sometimes losing something happy makes it become sad. I don't know if I'll be able to listen to that song without crying now.
Does anyone know if there's a way to stop doing that, getting upset at things that you've lost that were happy?

Well, not lost. Just... delayed. I hope.

Don't worry dancing friends, I probably won't randomly burst into tears in the middle of rumba.

I've been doing more Project Wonderful advertising today. I hope it's worth it! And soon I'll be able to have my own adspaces on this blog, which will be excellent!



  1. I like Chasing Cars. It's a very nice dancing song, I can imagine. Not a bad one to sing either and it does get a little sad if heard too often.

    Most foreign students just pay like local students do. Their parents work hard, they may have saved up money and they just do that. There's also financial aid for, let's say, single-parent families, part-time jobs and student loans, and scholarships that are available of the student is eligible and signs up for it.


  2. hey. ya, go adelaide. lol. i have no idea who you are, or how you stumbled across my blog, but that's cool. ive met awesome people that way.

    im afraid i had to google Flashmob before i understood wtf you were talking about. apparently i didnt go either. though theres a good chance my sister did by accident. go figure.
    anyways, ta for the comment.

  3. fair enough. blowing bubbles is great fun. when i was a kid we had a thing that you blew them from that was the side of a dinner plate, i swear.
    lol it wouldnt happen to be saz at all would it?

  4. That song is so depressing but the lyrics aren't really. I think. I am not too sure...but it makes me emo too.

    And I didn't want my family to corner me and ask about Australia since they are my family. I love talking about it with other people...but my family? I don't love saying anything with them...and this is my extended, not immediate family, because it was a holiday.


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