Friday, November 28, 2008

Running Out Of Time

I'm so stressed right now. As in, this exact minute.

I had a really great night last night with my friend, and a whole bunch of other people. But at the same time I'm so aware that Time Is Running Out- Not that that made me stress out last night. It's more today.
I was hopeful to do something tonight with him and some of my different other friends who he hasn't seen for ages (well, at a party about three weeks back, but that is different to actually properly hanging out, you know?) and enjoys the company of, but it was not to be apparently- they're all busy/otherwise unable to hang out, unexpectedly.

So instead he's working on selling his stuff, as he was torn between working on 'things that must be done' and socialising, and so the fact that other people can't come now tipped the balance towards work.

Which means I'm sitting here at home, unable to help or socialise. ... I need to work out something constructive I can do, as I can't really help with any of his 'selling possessions' problems right now. I looked up some websites for selling things. But that's about all I could do.
I totally hate this feeling of helplessness and Time Running Out. It can't be helped for tonight, but what if the group of us don't manage to find a time we're all free? It's an upsetting thought. I've been reassured that *somehow* we'll find time.
I shouldn't be so negative but ... yikes. Time. Bad.

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  1. Hi Chiara.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

    I've actually applied to some universities in Australia. My Australian geography is a little rough, but I think out of UWA, UNSW and UMel, University of Melbourne is closest to Adelaide?

    How is South Australia?



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