Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why Jeeves and Wooster?

The first thing is of course, I love Jeeves and Wooster. I started making figurines of them ages back, I made one for a friend. And then I realised that people would actually want to buy them- I know a lot of Jeeves and Wooster fans. I accidentally underpriced for a few of the figurines though. Each one is made with polymer clay, (it's like plasticine that you bake and it goes hard) and so far, has taken about three hours each.

I'm perfectly capable of making other sorts of figurines, but I really love Jeeves and Wooster. Also, my friend and I really enjoy watching it together, so it's an 'in' reference there. And it's British. And about two people who help each other out. And, possibly best of all, its in the public domain- the stories are, not the tv series. So that's why my figurines aren't supposed to be Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

Why are they faceless? I like them that way. I think people can imagine the expressions onto their faces better than I could actually create them myself.
Plus, if you look at the opening credits of Jeeves and Wooster- they're all faceless!

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  1. LOL! i see you did make the spaghetti monster :) i've just reached here :) i like the facelessness of the characters... and you are right, people would imagine their faces and that's cool... cos everyone would imagine them differently as we all are different:)


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