Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Reason To Love Adelaide -Flashmobs

I think I'll post up reasons to love Adelaide every now and then.

Adelaide is a city in South Australia. And it's the only one of any size there. It's also rather isolated. It has over a million people but somehow it does still feel like a small town. And as a result, young people either bitch that it's a boring place, or, they make their own fun. My friend and I are in the 'make your own fun' category.

One of the things that some Adelaideians have come up with, is Flashmob. It's not as if we invented it, but they go and do it every month or so. I've not yet been, it's always been a day that I've had something else on. It's a group of people who are given instructions to do something. And it entertains or confuses people who watch. Yesterday they did something. The instructions I was given was "Meet in Hindmarsh Square, and bring bubble blowing equipment".

I'm not quite sure what they did. But I suppose photos will be up soon.

Other times they've dressed as ninjas and run through Rundle Mall, other times they've made a fake queue outside a shop pretending to wait for an author's signing or a release or something, not quite sure. They've done lots of other things too.

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  1. yeah i reckon a random flash mob always makes the day better :D


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